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I think that I first built this site in about 1995. About 6 months after first seeing the Internet and 3 years into studying part-time for a degree in computing. It began as one home page which was built using a program called WebEdit™, an early graphical-based website editing tool. Since then the site has expanded in quantity although probably not in quality :-). A variety of editing tools have been utilised - now I use Macromedia Dreamweaver4™ ( Although this site is certainly no advert for the capabilities of that software - I don't have a lot of time to spend updating things since I was unfortunate enough to begin working for the Yankee dollar).

This site is still non-commercial and there is no aim to derive profit from it's operation, I finance it out of my own shallow pocket ( Any contributions towards the cost will not be refused :-) ), using the webspace which I get with my account. The objective of the site is to provide useful information about the village of Wylam and its surrounding area for local residents, businesses and potential visitors, and to provide an online presence for the village. Anyone who wishes to contribute to, or to comment on this site is encouraged to do so. Information on local events, organisations, local history, pictures can be included if requested.

The opinions expressed on this Web site are entirely my own. All the information provided has been accepted in good faith, but, the Internet is a dynamic medium, I can accept no responsibility for any inaccuracy which may arise due to my being provided with misleading information, or due to information being out of date,nor can I accept responsibility for any damages resulting from the use of this information or the failure by any individual or body to check the accuracy of the information for themselves.

All information is subject to the possibility of change, error or omission. You are advised to check the validity of any information with contributors or representatives of associations, organisations and societies before taking any action or entering into any commitment or transaction.

If any material or data on this site causes offence please contact me and if the request is justified, I will remove the data.

Contact: webmaster at wylamontyne.co.uk (replace "at" with "@"

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